Patients Reviews

All the staff and everyone are very nice. They assist you right away… very nice place and clean.

Arianwen B. | Dec 16, 2023
Dr. Brathwaite is great. Like most places, her staff leaves a lot to be desired. While a couple of the staff are excellent, others not so much. Challenging for the physician since the some of the staff do not realize they represent her practice.

Yvonne C. | Nov 10, 2023
Dr. Brathwaite is very kind and knowledgeable.

Monique C. | Nov 09, 2023
A warm welcoming facility that makes you feel special. The staff is professional and attentive. Highly recommend Innovative Women’s Care.

Rachelle T. | Oct 27, 2023
Dr. Irvey is the one of BEST OBGYN doctors I have ever met! She takes her time to listen to her patients, treat them with the bestest care, and what stands out the most about Dr. Irvey is that she’s passionate about what she does. She takes her time and make sure she gets down to the problem!

Darjae L. | Oct 24, 2023
I was very anxious about my uterus biopsy, but Dr Irvey walked me through it and made me at ease.

Marsha B. | Oct 11, 2023
My initial arrival was frustrating because instead of contacting me before the appointment to get my insurance verification corrected, I was subjected to embarrassment about my eligibility at the desk. While it was corrected, it left me feeling perturbed. However, once called back, Yuri, Dr. Irvey and Ms. Roxy were very professional, kind and candid. I will love my choice moving forward.

Veronica O. | Oct 06, 2023
I like dr. Irvey, however the staff has messed up more than once during my past obgyn visits. First time was when I needed a retest done on an incorrect wet lab, the MA tried to dismiss me and have me leave the practice before seeing the actual doctor. I refused and with good reason, since the retest came out negative to what was first recorded. If I hadn’t resisted there could have been potential harm induced to myself or my unborn child. The second time another MA messed up (I think the head MA Latina girl) was when I was asked by my obgyn dr. Irvey to get a print out prescription/referral for a shot at my hospital before, I left the office that day. The MA had a condescending attitude and rather than checking with her boss the doctor about it, she had me leave the office without my actual referral saying I’d be fine without a paper copy, which the doctor had specifically said to pick up. This caused me issues at the hospital and the hospital staff had to do extra work to make sure that I received my shot. The third time really sent me off to promptly write this feedback for the office. I had an another high risk related appointment the same day as my obgyn (which btw was 5 weeks in the making even tho the dr wanted to see me within 3 weeks of the last one. The office does not answer the phone and to reschedule was pretty much impossible) so I go and I call the office letting them know I was running a bit late. I finally get to the Obyn office and they tell me that I am literally TWO minutes late and I wouldn’t be seen and would have to reschedule. The waiting room was completely empty. I found that so incredibly petty and ridiculous since they knew I was coming in. I don’t know what it is with this new staff at innovative women’s care, but customer service is extremely lacking and how pregnant patients are being treated there makes me wonder of the professionalism at the practice and if the doctors are even aware of what’s going on behind the scenes. When I first signed up with them, the front staff was exceptionally nice and accommodating.

Mia T. | Oct 04, 2023