Patients Reviews

Dr. Brathwaite has been my OB/GYN for well over a decade. She is the best doctor that I've ever had. I am glad she opened her own practice. She has a great supporting staff too.

MARGRET C. | Apr 25, 2022
Words cannot describe how I feel about Dr. Brathwaite, She is the best OB/Gyn in Las Vegas, I came to her after going to several gynecologist presenting uterine fibroids and endometriosis for the past 23 years, and for me the only viable solution was a hysterectomy, Dr Brathwaite quickly assessed my situation and scheduled me for surgery, I had lost all hope that I would ever be able to have surgery because I am a type 2 diabetic, but Dr Brathwaite and my primary care doctor was able to come to a consensus about my health condition, so after two blood transfusions because of low hemoglobin caused by the fibroids and years of excruciating pain and heavy bleeding, My surgery took place on 4/22/22, It was a successful procedure and I could not have been in better hands, Thanks Dr Brathwaite for giving me my life back, You helped me when no one else would, and I will always be grateful to you, for what you have done for me and I will never forget you, You are a wonderful person and an awesome, attentive OB/Gyn, Ladies if you are looking for a great doctor for every stage of your life and who is very knowledgeable and will listen to you and your gynecological concerns, Dr Brathwaite is your doctor, You will be glad to have her as your provider. God Bless you Dr Brathwaite!

Francesca K. | Apr 24, 2022
Everyone is so nice. I'm never waiting more than 10 min for anything. I never feel rushed either it's great. They're great.

Briana N. | Apr 15, 2022
Best Doctor i have ever encountered! she listens and truly cares!!!!

Veronica A. | Mar 23, 2022
Dr. Brathwaite was straight to the point I was in and out not a personable experience, but I feel I am in great hands.

Felicia F. | Mar 06, 2022
I absolutely LOVE how attentive Ave understanding she is!

Domunique M. | Mar 04, 2022
Dr.. Brathwaite saved my life. After going to multiple gynecologist she was the only one who knew exactly what was going on and did surgery to solve the problem. God bless her and her staff. I am a new woman because of her

Yvette W. | Mar 03, 2022
I really appreciate Dr. Brathwaite and her team, they have made what are normally uncomfortable situations feel much less stressful. They are communicative, professional, and kind.

Karyssa G. | Feb 15, 2022