5 Reasons to Consider Hormone Therapy

5 Reasons to Consider Hormone Therapy

Your hormones may be to blame if you’re experiencing uncomfortable, annoying, or even embarrassing symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy can ease your symptoms and protect your health.

Hormones your body has relied on all of your life start to decrease as you get older and eventually plummet. Lower-than-normal hormone levels can put you at a wide range of risks and cause undesirable symptoms. 

Fortunately, the specialists at Innovative Women’s Care can assist. Board-certified OB/GYN Marguerite Brathwaite, MD, offers comprehensive care, including hormone therapy. Read on to find out some reasons you may want to consider hormone therapy.

Who should consider hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy may benefit you if you:

  • Have mild to severe menopause symptoms like hot flashes
  • Are going through early menopause
  • Experience bothersome vaginal dryness
  • Have discomfort during sexual activity
  • Have low bone density
  • Are at risk for osteoporosis

The decision to start hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a personal one and one to make only after discussing it with a qualified health care provider to learn about the advantages and risks. Dr. Brathwaite can answer your questions and concerns and help you determine if HRT is right for you. 

Here are five reasons you may want to consider hormone therapy. 

1. Ease the symptoms of menopause

HRT is one of the most effective ways to manage menopause symptoms. As you transition through menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal discomfort are common. Mood issues can range from minor ones, like mood swings, to serious ones, like depression. 

You might have a hard time sleeping at night or staying asleep. Weight gain, dry skin, and hair thinning are all factors that can affect how you look and feel physically. Hormone replacement dials these symptoms down so that you feel more like yourself and feel good again.

2. Keep your bones healthy and strong

Estrogen does more than impact your reproduction, it also plays a role in keeping your bones strong. When estrogen levels drop, you lose bone at a more rapid rate. The likelihood of bone loss and fractures is another reason to think about HRT. HRT can help slow bone loss and lower your risk of weak bones.

3. Reduce your risk of contracting serious diseases

Hormone replacement also reduces the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and stroke. Even the likelihood of later-life dementia development can be lowered with HRT.

Several studies, like this one, suggest that when it comes to reaping the benefits of hormone replacement, the earlier the better. Early intervention with HRT provides added protection. 

4. Improves vaginal conditions

HRT can support your vaginal health. It’s common for low estrogen to cause vaginal dryness and thinning of vaginal tissue, which can lead to itching and discomfort. The changes brought on by low estrogen can cause:

  • Vaginal inflammation
  • Pain during sex
  • Atrophy of vaginal tissues 
  • Urinary incontinence 

Hormone replacement effectively alleviates these issues. 

5. Improves ovarian conditions

Certain conditions that affect ovarian function can cause lower-than-normal estrogen. That’s because your ovaries make most of your body’s estrogen. You may need treatment to balance your hormones if you have:

  • Diminished ovarian function
  • Female hypogonadism
  • Surgical removal of ovaries

Hormone therapy can relieve symptoms of early menopause if your ovaries have been removed. 

If you’re considering hormone replacement, our team is here to provide guidance and support in making the decision that is right for you. Call our team at 702-936-4027 to schedule a visit with Dr. Brathwaite. Your health and well-being is our top priority.